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Diagnostic Software

International® Instrument Cluster Panel

NAVISTAR® Instrument Panel Cluster Fleet is used to diagnose the instrument panel on both the heavy- and medium-duty, post 1991, Instrument panel clusters. It is notused on The Industry’s First High Performance Trucks®. They are diagnosed with the Diamond Logic® Builder software.

Basic Functions

Advanced Features

Medium-Duty IPC

Heavy Duty IPC

System Requirement

NAVISTAR® IPC can be run on most PCs with a least 512 MB RAM (1 GB perferred), 10 MB available hard drive space, and CD-ROM running in the Window® XP operating system. The appropriate interface adapter must be used to communicate with the vechicle.

Recommended Adapters

Nexiq Technologies – USB-Link
NAVCoM (Navistar's Advanced Vehicle Communication Module)
Dearborn Group Technologies – DPA IV, DPA IV+
Noregon Systems, Inc. – DLA, DLA USB
Movimento – NAV-Link

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